Sunday, June 26, 2011

That Damn Can

About a month ago we bought a case of Pepsis.  As my dear and devoted husband started loading the groceries into the fridge, he called me over.  "Hey Ashley, catch."

Then he reached into the Pepsi box and chucked a can at me.

Once I recovered from my momentary panic, stopped screaming, and peeled myself off the floor, I realized I'd actually caught the can.  And it was weightless.

Upon further investigation, we realized that there was a tiny hole in the bottom of the can, which coincided with a similar hole in the bottom of the box.  Fascinating.

Anyway, the point being, we realized we had something neat.  A fully sealed, completely normal looking soda can, without a drop of soda in it.  Should lend us some fun right?  Screwing with house guests or something is always fun, and this was definitely something we shouldn't just let go to waste.  So, we stuck it in the fridge.

Only one problem.  We haven't fooled any house guests.  We have fooled me.  Over and freaking over again.  Once we got to the end of the soda supply, I had our last couple cans figured out.  We could each have one in the evening.  So I got one for Shane, and saved mine for later.  But when I got to later, I reached in and realized that, well, PRANKED ME!  Stupid can I was looking forward to was the stupid empty one.

Of course, this was a couple of weeks ago.  I took the can out of the fridge that night.  Somehow, it wasn't funny anymore.  But I couldn't throw it away because I am, it seems, a hoarder of stupid things.  So it sits on the counter, and I keep seeing it, and I REALLY WANT A SODA but we don't have a soda and that damn can is really starting to tick me off.

It's distinctly possible that I have a "problem" with caffeinated beverages, but it seems safer than drinking or smoking, and I stick to diet, so I'm okay with that.

I'm just not okay with that damn soda can.

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