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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dress it like it's hot!

I've decided this summer has a dress code.  Seeing as I'll only be working 2 days a week, the rest of the summer will be clothed in....

Drum roll please....

Layered ribbed Tanks!!!!!  Wooo hoo!

As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that I just ripped that straight from Tosh.0.  It wasn't on purpose, but apparently I keep cable television comedians in my brain in place of an actual internal monologue.  That's unfortunate.

Any-whosit, this decision came around for a number of reasons, which I will list..... wait for it.... now:
1)  I already have some that fit pretty well.
2)  It is outrageously hot during the summer where I live, and sleeves seem masochistic.
3)  I find styles and trends to be both expensive and confusing.  Pants I'm okay with, but I'm not good at buying shirts, so I tend to... not.
4)  I actually DID buy some shirts today.  I ran across some ribbed tanks at Walmart for $3.88 a piece.  I bought 4.
5)  I think layered tank tops nicely conceal my stomach.  I also think they look really great with jeans and flip flops, which are other things I love to wear.  Here is a picture of a smokin' hottie wearing the aforementioned ensemble:

This is definitely what I'm going for this summer, although my less delusional mind says I probably look a little more like this:

Well, that's it for tonight folks.  Here's hoping you all get the sensation that you're smuggling a couple of perky grapefruits instead of one giant, hairy watermelon in YOUR summer tanks!

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