Friday, June 24, 2011

And then there was time to chillax

So in terms of the root canal,  it seems I'm officially off the Tylenol!  As long as I'm careful not to chew on the right side, or let any food wander over there well I'm chewing on the left side, or squeeze my jaw, or close my mouth to quickly or touch my teeth together while talking, I think I'm okay.  So two days of varying degrees of throbbing pain, followed by intense contact sensitivity until the crown is placed (I'm assuming). Can't wait till Wednesday!

Anyway, here's yesterday's thrift store shirt.

I decided to change up my poses a bit, for your viewing pleasure, and, you know, to diversify my portfolio in case the Goodwill is looking for a new model.  And in case you're reading this, The Goodwill, I'm just putting this out there, I'm available for print ads, and can also do a little acting, in case that helps!

So this shirt (still only cost $2.95) is Calvin Klein, a very light cotton blend that feels incredibly soft, cool, and flowy, but wrinkled immediately when I held my daughter for a minute or two.  I think those fell out pretty quickly though, so no love lost.  This one seemed to get the strongest reception from the viewing public and the husband, so I suppose it's the current thrifty-winner.

Today it's back to layered rib tanks, as it is a non-work day.  And as the daughter is napping and I have chosen to be a lazy sack of human parts, I'm looking a little bit like this:

Ah Friday, Friday.  Fun fun, fun fun.

Hope you ALSO get sometime this weekend to lounge on the couch and watch really bad TV!


  1. I agree the the pink shirt is super cute! And thanks for the Friday Friday song in my head. I needed something cheerful right now (it's been one of those mornings). :)

  2. Thanks about the shirt, and your welcome for the song! Always happy to give people a little reminder about the absolute worst aspects of popular culture. I think it helps us be better in the future :-)

  3. It's funny, even though the song isn't great, we've shown it to so many people, and laughed a lot, that it's associated with good memories. :)


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