Friday, April 6, 2012

Middle of the Night Crazy Post

At the moment it's 3:07am.  That means I've been awake for about 2 hours, 10 minutes.   ::sigh::

This is a particularly hard time of life to sleep.  Aside from massive heartburn, RLS, and basic body discomfort, my brain seems dead set against me getting any rest.  It takes far too long to fall asleep in the first place, but then decides to continue its crazy and obsessive nature into my dreams.  My dreams, in fact, don't feel a whole lot like dreams anymore.  Instead, they just feel like really obsessive thoughts I'm having in semi-3D, over... and over... and over...

Tonight, it was labor.  I dreamed I was going into labor right now.  I dreamed I was going into labor and I was out of town.  I dreamed I didn't realize till it was slightly too late, and now I might not make it to the hospital.  I dreamed about it till I was essentially convinced that I am ACTUALLY only a few minutes from starting labor, and I'd better stay awake so I don't miss it.  Because that's the deal, right?  Why would I be randomly obsessing about this so much if my body wasn't trying to express its secret plan, wherein the baby is coming today?

I don't know.  It's all simultaneously very exhausting and not letting me fall back asleep.

So I'm watching cartoons now.  That's right.  Looney Tunes, in fact.  and I'm learning some pretty important information.  For starters, apparently Gak is Back.  Remember Gak?  Like, a cross between silly putty and play dough but with a gooey, snotty sort of texture?  Plus, if I remember correctly, it smelled really off.  Now I feel like I kind of miss Gak.

Next, I learned that Monopoly is now played with a sort of credit card.  Not really sure how or why the Parker Brothers sold out so obviously to the likes of Master Card, but I feel like this one's particularly sad.  Ah well.  I guess original Monopoly had us mortgaging ourselves up to our eyeballs, maybe this was the logical next step.

Alright.  Now, it's 3:32, and Ben 10 is on and that probably means it's time to give sleep another go.  I'm not sure what this show is, but so far there's a boy who owns a watch that turned him into a monkey. Yep, it's definitely time for more sleep.

Adios, Lectores! Espero que puedes contar tus muchas bendiciones en este Viernes Santo!


  1. I recently saw a commercial for the Nickelodeon Kid's choice award. I'm not sure how or why... but I did. Nick still does things with slime.
    You know the show "you can't do that on television" whenever someone said "I don't know" they'd get slimed. Slime is still present. Is there any other show that still slimes? How has it stuck around for so long? I am baffled.
    Okay... rant done. Please sleep. :)

  2. I can't say I know of any other station that still slimes, but I'm not really sure I ever knew of any other slime-based TV stations. Except maybe, Double Dare? Similar thing, but on network TV so I got to watch it. And I kinda think the host of that show committed suicide, so maaaaybe slime isn't generally recommendable... :-)

  3. Double-Dare was definitely on Nickelodeon to begin with... And the host was Marc Summers, who is actually on the Food Network now. He does something called Unwrapped... kinda like the history of food.

    However, slime is disgusting. Gak, also disgusting. Silly Putty & Play-doh.. not disgusting.


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