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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wait: WHY am I still pregnant?!?

Alrighty, this is getting a little bit ridiculous.  Seriously folks, is there even such a THING as labor vacation?!?

I was in labor.  I swear it on my undead (not zombified, just not... dead) mother's grave.  I've been in labor before, I know what labor feels like.  2 days ago I was having regular contractions that were, in fact, confirmed by a medical professional AND a machine that were both created for the singular purpose of identifying real life contractions.

So here's a question:  WHY THE HECK IS IT THAT I AM STILL PREGNANT?!??


Now, I understand that my due date is still 12 days away.  I've not been DYING for our little guy to be early, I've been enjoying getting things done, getting rest, spending 1 on 1 time with my little girl.  And all those March of Dimes sheets on the walls at the hospital insist that if your baby comes early than 39 weeks their brain will basically be perfectly smooth, and that is NOT want you want in any sort of brain.  This is not about wanting to be done with pregnancy before my intended time.  I didn't have a problem with the wait.

What I DO have a problem with his this, this, cheating that seems to be going on.  I may not know much about human anatomy or, I don't know... science, but I do know this: When you are full term, AND THEN you go into labor, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO GET A BABY.  So seriously, can someone please tell me, why am I still pregnant, and WHERE is my BABY?!?

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