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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Excite Nite!

Tomorrow morning is weigh in day, and I have been a very good girl this week, and am waiting with bated breath to receive my reward.

Today has got to be day 9 of Diet, and it has been going difficult-ly.  Crap, which reminds me, I don't think I did my crunches today.  Okay, give me a sec...  Done.  Yuck, that was unpleasant.  40 crunches every day this week.  The goal is to push it up to 200 (100 regular, 100 reverse) crunches every day so that my abdominals may some day achieve peak awesomeness and send out a magical glow and sing the songs of angels any time they are viewed by the masses.  Which they will be.  All the dang time.  I might just cut all of my shirts off at the rib cage.

Anyway, day 9 of Diet.  Yes.  So far I can report that my "low" weights haven't been exceptionally low, but my "high" weights haven't been quite as terrifying.  My body and I have an interesting relationship, wherein it makes me prove my commitment to any diet before it shows me actual results from this diet.  This fact has killed me 1-2 weeks into a diet more times than I care to think about.  Because I have this crazy thing about me where I don't like depriving myself and seeing zero results for it.

But tonight showed me a bright light, a peak and a hope at some real good news tomorrow.  That light?  This mornings first thing nakers weigh in was 145.6 (and yes, I was mighty piqued at that).  Tonight's weigh in, post food, NOT nakers, was 144.6.  I think I've finally proven something to my body.  I think it may have finally relented.  Here we go, yo.

ALSO exciting about tonight:  Right before I started this post, my blog had 998 views for the month.  Which means, that for the first time in EVER, it looks like my blog will have be read over 1000 times in one month alone.  That's weird.  You guys are weird.

Anyway, it's been an outrageously long day, and I feel like it might almost be time for some relaxing.  And crocheting.  And maybe addressing the soft crying sound that's just begun in the other room. Arg.

Happy night y'all, Will be checking in tomorrow to show off what an amazingly low weight I've achieved!!  ::Desperately searching for something wood to knock on::

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