Thursday, January 31, 2013

One forty WHAT WHAT!

Woot!  Weigh in day today, with some supremely happy results!  I got on the scale and recited the day's mantra: "onefortytwoonefortytwoonefortytwoonefortytwo" when I had the sudden thought: Wait a minute, it could be even BETTER than one forty two.  It could be like, like, one forty one.  Woah."  And I looked down and ya know what I saw? Awesome, that's what. 141.8.  I mean, it's not reality tv numbers or anything, but it's the first time all month I've managed to escape the 144-148 curse, and it gives me happy dreams of getting back down into the 130s soon.

May I say something?  When diets don't seem to work, they're the worst things to have ever been invented ever.  But when they DO work,  wow.  Makes you feel like a super hero or a magician or something.

That's about it for today.  Oh yeah, and we soared past 1000 pageviews last night.  Thanks for making this geeky social reject feel all popular and interesting and stuff.  That should really count as a public service or something.

Happy almost weekend my friends!

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