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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Family Fat

How many times can I claim to be back on the wagon?  Is it seventy times seven?  Or was that in reference to something else?

Whatever the case, here's my 490th try again, necessitating your seventy times seventh forgiveness of me.  We spent the weekend with my husband's family, celebrating the life and mourning the loss of his fourth and final grandparent.  It's been a rough year for this family, as my husband's parents have lost 3 of their own parents in the past 2 months alone.  But despite the sad circumstances, this remains one of the most entertaining groups of people I know.  And if I may say so, maybe the most inappropriate group of people I know.  Larry.  You know what you did*.

So yes.  Enjoyable time with family.  And a couple of things learned:
1) My kids don't sleep in strange places.

2) My kids don't poo in strange places.

3) And most appropriate here: Mourning families serve large doses of fattening food.  And I eat them.

So I'm not doing so hot after this weekend, but today has been a SHANE IS EATING FOOD THAT I WANT AND CANNOT HAVE AND MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING better day, filled with lots of exercise and healthier food.  I may even have under-ate for the day, but I feel like one good jump start day for my diet will help get me on the right track.

Because I want to be skinny, dang it.  Also, I have hiccups, dang it.  Seriously? The hiccups?  Not cool, hiccups.

Anyway, if these hiccups don't kill me first, I'm going to look super sexy and lose 20 pounds or more and wear nothing but tiny super hot bikinis all summer.  Like, to work and out to dinner and stuff.  Because if you've got it, you wear tiny super hot bikinis all summer long, right?

Night y'all.  Time for the husband and I to retire to the bourdoir for some Sudoku and Homer's Odyssey, which is my round about way of letting you know that my marriage is nerdier than yours.

Goodnight again!

*Sorry for attacking you unprovoked, Larry, but I'm assuming you're not reading this.  And if you are, HA.  Called you out.

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  1. This made me laugh! Good luck on the weight loss ... we'll be wearing super high short shorts soon!


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