Friday, January 4, 2013

I forgot.

May I say something mildly offensive here? Cuz holy crap.

Yeah. Holy crap.  It seems that after all of the dieting and weight losing I did in 2012, the laziness and general slackery of the last couple of months looms larger in my mind.  Starting the new year I actually thought I was excited to get back to healthy eating and disciplined living.

Well that was a joke.  Because it turns out what I really want to do is eat my weight in breadsticks and cookie dough.

Over the holidays the occasional friend or family member complimented my new, smaller-than-its-been-in-years physique.  And I said thanks, but I almost felt like I shouldn't.  I honestly started to feel like I didn't deserve any congratulations, because I hadn't "earned" the weight loss.  While being a bit thinner and eating whatever I dang well pleased over the holidays, I actual forgot HOW HARD it was to lose the weight in the first place.  It was this rose colored, almost mystical time in my memory, the period of 6 months of diet and exercise was remembered by the excitement of smaller numbers and progress pictures than by the two thousand times each day I had to resist temptation, by all the nights I went to bed with a faintly growling stomach, or by all the crankiness caused by a disturbing lack of tasty foods.

I remember now.  I remember it ALL now.

I'm working my way up to my diet, dipping my toe in and testing the water and oh lordy it burns us.  My husband does pushups every morning, he started at 10 and every week or two he ads 5 more.  Now he's at around 60.  I've decided to do the same with crunches, so that I can get in the habit of "sexy stomach".  I'm also going to start some Zumba when it shows up at my doorstep next week.  I hope it's fun.  It looks like fun.

And then there's the food.  I'm eating things like yogurt and fiber cereal (following the exuberant recommendations of my in-laws) and working toward eating real, healthy food at mealtimes instead of snacking on chips and Christmas candy all day.  At least of course, that's the idea.  We'll see how this works out.

Today's goal:  Do whatever it takes, up to and including cutting off my foot, to be back down to 142 by next week Thursday.

Happy New Years Resolving, Y'all!

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  1. This is outrageous (and surprisingly not spam), but I have so far lost 10 of 20 lbs by eating fat and protein to my hearts content, but very few carbs of any kind. If you're interested, check out Gary Taubes and either Good Calories, Bad Calories or Why We Get Fat.


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