Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chugging along!

152.4.  Which is better than yesterday's 153.0, but means I still need to do some more work in order to see that 151 again.  The 140s are so close I can almost taste them.  But I won't, because I'll probably think they're delicious and eat too much of them and then have to start all this mess all over again.

My absolute lowest lowest lowest low during the last bout of weight losing was 146.5.  I've told Husband that none of this weight loss feels like it counts until I'm 1 pound below, heck, even a fraction of a pound below that previous low weight.  But that's how it feels just the same.  Even though I got an awesome-sauce baby out of the deal, losing pounds I've lost before feels exactly like that.  Like redoing work I've already done.

Got a little reminisc-y this weekend.  Saturday was exactly one year since the afternoon I had my suspicions confirmed by a second line on a plastic stick.  Our lives were about to change forever... again.  Let me tell you: kids are exhausting.  They ruin your physique, hurt your back, absorb your attention and change every aspect of your life.  Plus, they're totally totally awesome.  They're fun and ridiculous and a blast to have around.  At least, MY kids are, I'm not speaking for anyone else's. ;)

So it's been a year since I started gaining weight back, and I'm almost, ALMOST where I was then.  September 1, 2011 was 151.  Let's see if I can't be a little under that for September 1, 2012!

Oh, and one more milestone achieved:  I CAN OFFICIALLY BUTTON MY SIZE 6 SKINNY JEANS AGAIN!!  I'm not saying I'm wearing them yet, and I'm not saying it's pretty, I'm just saying they got buttoned, and nothing exploded as a result.  I think I may set some new goals for me like, button up something in a size 2 before the end of the year.  We'll see how it goes...

Right now it's coffee time, then it's do something productive with my life time.  Happy Tuesday y'all, hope it's one worth remembering!

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