Friday, August 10, 2012


That's right, Baby.  Yeah, I worked out before I got it, and I hadn't had much to eat yet, but I weighed myself 4 times, and each time it agreed.


But any way you slice it, it all means the same thing:  Today, I weighed less than 155 pounds.  Today, I  AM OFFICIALLY A HEALTHY WEIGHTED HUMAN!!!!

I knew I was on my way there, but honestly figured it'd be another week before I hit it, at least.  Great big freaking shock, hence the obsessive-seeming list of scale-trials.

First, I have to celebrate being not-overweight one more time.  WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!!!  Okay, got that out of my system.  Second, there's a good point to be seen here.  Last week, I took five days off from exercise, and despite my awesome diet-keeping, (I'm sorry, but yeah, I have never IN MY WHOLE FREAKING LIFE EVER eaten as healthy as consistently as I've been doing this past month or so.  So it makes me feel a little bit proud of me.  And strangely grateful for stomachaches.) Right, DESPITE my awesome diet-keeping, I didn't lose a single pound all week.  And of course that feels a little bit discouraging, nobody likes to feel like they're making the effort and seeing no results, but deep breaths, deep prayers, and we press on.

Because the flip side of weeks like THAT, come in the form of weeks like THIS.  Your body plateaus.  Your body finds a weight and does its best to hold on there.  Your body struggles and struggles to become more efficient and not lose more weight.  But you keep to your diet.  You continue to exercise and reassure your body that everything's fine, this is not a panic-starvation time.  Your body is outrageously stubborn.  But you can be more so.

This week, my body blinked first.  And I've dropped 4.5 pounds since Monday.

I know that my body might rally tomorrow, and that I might weigh 156 or something again.  I'm okay with that, because once again, I'm familiar with the process.  I know that I can out stubborn my body this week and this month and this year until I beat it into submission, into the body I want it to be, instead of the amorphous blob that Ben & Jerry's wants it to be.

This is me and Kaden today, and we are super-studs:

Gosh, my chubby little dude is so stinkin cute.  Too bad he's also a super mega drool monster and has to wear bibs 24/7.

Oh, and those cookies I bought for the hubs yesterday?  Well, I've decided to turn them into a milestone too:  For the first time ever, yes EVER, a box of cookies entered this house, and it will be finished without me touching a single crumb.

I really think I may be growing.

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