Monday, August 13, 2012

Super DUPER Woman!!

154 this morning!  If you're counting, that's a FIVE POUND weight loss for the week.  I feel like this week is going to make all other weeks seem a little bit lamer.  Because seriously, even if next week is an awesome 2 pound weight loss, well, that's not a FIVE pound weight loss.  So not as cool.

This last week was a big milestone for another reason though.  Everyone has their weight plateaus.  I've found in my life that there are certain weights where my body wants to stick, and it takes a lot of extra work to move past them.  For me, those weights have been 188, 176, 159, 146, and 135.  If I'm in between any of those weights, it means I'm on my way up, or I'm on my way down.  Of course, each of those numbers indicates a range, like 176 actually means 176-180, and 146 means, more accurately 146.5-150 (not coincidentally my weight range from last summer), but those are the numbers I have trouble seeing the underside of.

159-161 represents a particular trap for me, especially since it's the "juuuuust overweight" one.  I graduated high school weighing 160.  After my first semester of college (during which I dropped a quick 15 pounds) I got back up to 160 and stayed there for a year and a half.  Meaning I was about 160 when I started dating my husband.  Last time I was losing weight, I got down to around 160 over the holidays, and spent almost 3 months completely stuck there.  160 is a scary scary place for me.

This week, I pressed my feet firmly against 160, and dove far away from there.  I pushed off into the lower 150's (hey, TECHNICALLY it's true!) and MAN IT FEELS INCREDIBLE!!  I wasn't shocked I had to spend an extra week at 159, and though I was determined to not freak out about it, I was afraid there was a real chance that I could spend an EXTRA week or seven at that weight.

BUT NO!  The 160 curse is over come!  Healthy weight is achieved!  And I weigh the same (give or take a fraction of a pound) as my husband!

Boom shakalaka shakalaka laka boom.

Okay, so I was just looking for a picture to visually represent how I feel right now.  You know, something like this -->

And during the search, I came across this little gem -->

Which is super stinking awesome and probably a sight more accurate and also made me laugh.  So this is the real picture.  Ignore the sexy wonder woman above it.  This is the one.

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