Thursday, August 9, 2012


I got a call from the doctor's office this morning.  They got my labs back, and it would seem that I have a bladder infection, something relatively common in the wake of bringing another human into the world.

Bladder infection.  Which is tres strange, seeing as I have not experienced a single expected symptom of said infection.  I hope, HOPEHOPEHOPE, that this is my only malady, and that this is just some crazy atypical presentation, and that I haven't fatty-fooded my way into an O.R.. Hopehopehope.  But Tuesday is ultrasound day, so more should be known then.

This morning on my way to the pharmacy, I asked husband if he wanted anything from the grocery store next door.  He let me know that he would like "something sweet", and that cookies would be good, and I said that he was a jerk for making me buy delicious cookies that I am not allowed to eat, so he told me to get some cookies that I don't like and I told him that there's no such thing so he chose Chewy Chips Ahoy.  But I think he's a jerk.

Today, I weighed 157, which is a new post-Kaden low, and only 2 pounds overweight, and only 37 more pounds to go till I achieve Maximum Awesomeness.  So yay!!!!  I very much needed that kind of encouragement, as my resolve has begun to waver these past few days.  I can't say as I'm cheating on my diet, since I think that would be very dangerous and may increase the pain I feel ALL THE DANG TIME anyway, (hopehopehope), but my desire and motivation has changed.  I don't waaaaant to do this anymore.

My next weightloss goal is becoming a healthy-weighted person, or weighing less than my husband, whichever comes first.  And I... oh crap.  The baby woke up again and I haven't worked out yet.  Okay, so long folks, I need to see if I can squeeze something in before he becomes vera vera angry with me.

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