Thursday, August 23, 2012

Every Ten Pounds!!

Since June 12th, when I was weighing in around 170, I decided to take some painfully graphic "Every Ten Pounds" progress pics.  I wanted to have a standardized (read: wearing the same thing every time) way to see the progress I'm making.  I just haven't had the cojones to post them yet.  But then I thought, well, why not.  So today, here's the first few editions of my ETP pics, which will also be posted in The Pics, so that I can have a running collection some day that will help me remember why we don't eat seconds and choose whole fruit instead of ice cream.

Deep breaths.

It's not pretty.

Ridiculous levels of honesty seldom are.

Here we go.

In just a minute...

Okay, no more stalling.

This is it.

I swear.


Here's the first set, from mid June.  I weighed right around 170.  Apparently, from the look on my face, I was also "ready to kill myself" depressed about it.

Here's the next set, from late July, and I'm around 160.  Somewhat less depressed about my life, it would seem.  Which is nice.

Welcome to today, with a morning weigh in at juuuust under 150.

So the next time you hear me get all crazy and excited or call myself super crazy hot and sexy for no apparent reason.... these pictures are why.  I'm not "there" yet, but good gracious, at least I'm still not in that first set of pics.  Yikes.


  1. Hey, your progress has been pretty clear—you have reason to get all crazy and excited! However, as you continue on your weight loss journey, you'll find that there's more to this all than just whole fruit and no seconds. In order to achieve permanent weight loss, the underlying things that made you kick off your journey must be addressed.

    The real key to weight loss isn't just about what we eat or what exercise we do—it's also about why we do or don't do the things we know we should do to become better. It's easy for us to get caught in bad habits like eating because we're stressed out or having a bad day. It's easy to say that we can skip the run today because we're bored of running the same route for ten days. It's a way of filling our different human needs.

    I'd encourage you to take a look at this video of Beverly, who lost 230 lbs. without any surgery or weight loss "magic bullets" aside from diet and exercise: In it, our different human needs are explained along with ways to become healthier. It's not that long, and you might find it to be pretty interesting.

  2. It's cool. I had Matt Foley help me nail down the main problems in my diet. Turns out it had something to do with eating a steady diet of government cheese and living in a van down by the river.


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