Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Healthy Me!!

I have a tendency to forget important days, even when they're MY important days.  But I stumbled upon one today:  It seems that today is EXACTLY 2 YEARS since I ate my first Slim Fast bar as the  start of my diet!

Days like today are excellent antidotes for days like today.  Okay, let me 'splain.

Today, I weighed in at 159.  That makes this the first week since I started losing weight 2 months ago that I haven't logged a single pound of weight loss.  My diet has been very awesome, very VERY awesome in fact (helped by the gall bladder pain that haunts every meal I risk consuming), but I took 4 days off from exercise because of my back pain.

I don't care what works for other people.  It seems that for me, eating between 1000 and 1500 calories a day is NOT enough for me to lose weight.  I need to work out too.  My body is just way too freaking efficient to lose weight by calorie reduction alone.  All of this makes up the bad version of today.

The good version of today remembers that I weigh over 30 pounds LESS today than I did 2 years ago. Good Version reminds me that, even though I've spent the last year growing a baby, I'm a smaller, healthier me today than I was at age 26.  And 25, and 24, and 23, and probably 22, for that matter.

And that makes me feel like, well, like this.
Check me out yo.  I'm totes hot stuff.

I'm definitely not ready to be done with this journey yet.  The feeling I had two years ago, when I thought I could never be healthy again, could never look or feel like myself again... I won't let myself go there again.  It's outrageously depressing.

So yeah, this week didn't go as planned.  But food doesn't rule my life, and laziness only exists to be overcome.  I'll be healthy weight again soon, and I'll get to my goals eventually.  Cuz quitting is for sucks.  And heck, it's my birthday.

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