Friday, April 22, 2011

Ipad? I-sad.

Thanks to those of you who heard my desperate plea and clicked my link.  I greatly appreciate the support, but unfortunately, it seems that our handi-capable friend will be winning this particular contest, and quite handily.  Yep, apparently losing makes me bitter, and bitterness enhances my tacky.

See that joy?  That pure, unadulterated happiness leaking out of every pore and exposed crevice?  I can't know that joy.

One day, though, I'll know the joy of a 10 inch touch screen.  And there will be much rejoicing.  I'm mulling over the idea of opening up a paypal account and asking people to sponsor me, like, per mile for my 1/2 marathon next weekend.  And of course, for anyone who say, doesn't believe in running or wish to support physical activity in any way, I'd also be willing to discuss being "sponsored" to do disgusting and degrading activities.  I wonder how many eaten worms it takes to get to the center of an Ipad?  Here's hoping it's only 3.

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