Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kicking the butt of lazy-me

The scale hasn't been moving much these days, but it's not that disheartening.  Mostly because I know exactly why.  My diet is haphazard and my exercise has become a rarity.  The difference between a stagnant scale today and a stagnant scale 8 months ago is that I KNOW why the scale won't move today.  Also, there were 40 some odd more pounds on the scale then, so that makes a bit of a difference too.

Lately I've been battling with illness, other priorities, joint pain, disappointment, disturbing levels of exhaustion, and plain old laziness.  I've got my excuses, of course.  Like today:  I've got my daughter.  My husband doesn't get home until 7 at the earliest on Thursdays.  I've got other work today.  On and on and on and blahblahblah.  But I needed a reality check.  13.1 mile race.  2 weeks and 2 days from TOday.  This is not the time to quit.  I wanted to see myself hit 145 by Easter.  How am I going to do it if I don't keep working?!  So I ran today... in a manner of speaking.  Wii fit, jogging around the living room for 30 minutes.  No, it's not the most intense running experience, but it was getting up, and it was making my body move again, and I must say, it felt awesome.  My whole body feels cleansed and energized and just plain ol' awesome.

I must say I did have a little help, in a little package today.  Madelyn (who refuses to nap today) thought my running in place looked hilariously fun.  So she got down next to me and ran in place calling out "run!" and "fast!"  She ran circles around me and around the room, scrunching her shoulders up to her ears and pulling her knees up more than waist high. (Yes, her form could use a little work, we'll address that later.)  My tiny friend chased me around the room till she collapsed against the couch, pretending to breathe hard.  I love that I get to share things with her.  I'm amazed by how much she watches us and imitates us.  I know that the first things she cares about will be the things I show her I care about.

Just another little reminder that my health isn't just for me.  I may not raise my kids to be star athletes, but I can teach them to be healthy, and active, and to like it.  So go!  Run fast!!  Your babies are watching!

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  1. It's so awesome that you are sticking to your guns and still continuing to exercise, I really think you look amazing, good for you! We really should go jogging together or walking. I probably shouldn't run because of my knee, but I really need to start. I know I keep talking about it, but I just need to DO IT! See ya around ;)


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