Monday, April 18, 2011

Tis the season to help a sista out

I really want an Ipad.  A lot.  To some degree this is a practical desire for a tool I think will further my business, and on another level, I just think it's awesome.  Wouldn't it be nice for me to have one?  I think so, don't you agree?

Well I hope you do, because you can make it happen.

If you click RIGHT HERE, you'll be taken to the LiveStrong facebook contest, where I am currently competing for my very own awesomely awesome-sauce Ipad II.  The contest is for the best picture of your "journey to a healthier you" or something like that, and any of you who have ever read this particular blog (yes, that means all of you) should have no trouble recognizing the picture.

Please please please vote for me.  Yes I'm begging.  Yes, it's desperate and sad and pathetic, but here are my reasons:
1) I really want an Ipad.
2) I think my picture with the cartoon landscape background and ridiculous fake running pose is not half bad.  I know there's another picture with a girl on a horse taken close up to his nose with a wide angle lens.  Please look at that picture and say awwww.  Then come back and vote for me.
3) I am on a strict pay-off-student-loan-debt budget and am not allowed to buy toys for myself
4) I think point three displays that I am both responsible and super needy.  And sad.  With big green puppy dog eyes and tear slowly glistening its way down one cheek.
5) I have a 1/2 marathon to run on the 30th, they announce the winner of this contest on the 25th.  Winning would boost by running skills.  I'm certain of it.
6) I get excited about things like the Bento database program and all of the databasing I can do.  In other words, I intend to use the crap out of this Ipad.
7) I've gotten myself very excited just thinking about it.  Now I think I might pout if I lose, and I hate to pout.
8) I really want an Ipad.

So there's my desperate cry of desperateness.  I hope you all hear it and say awww and take pity on me.  And then go vote.  Every day between RIGHT NOW and this Friday.  I also want to make you aware of the fact that you may be tempted instead to vote for, say, the girl currently in first place, who is missing an arm.  I understand that there's nothing I can say to dissuade you from this, and that this is EXACTLY the sort of contest that will probably be won by the weight-lifting girl who is short an appendage.  But for one tacky moment, let me just remind you how hard it would be to use a touch screen when you have a hook for a hand.

I'm going to acknowledge here that for saying that, I've accepted eternal damnation and the everlasting scorn of everyone who has ever been, been related to, or met once at a party, a disabled person.  I get that, but I still really want an Ipad.

So vote for me, dear devoted readers.  Super please.  I wrote you a song, couldn't you do this one, tiny little thing for me (every day between now and Friday)?  Thanks guys, in advance.  You're the awesomest.

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