Thursday, July 26, 2012

Benefits of Fat-itude

I am not joking.  There are some definite benefits to being fat.

1:  You get the ridiculously awesome experience of knowing what it feels like to lose weight.

2:  You... are better protected against cold weather and punches?

Okay, so there's just the one benefit to being fat.

This past week has been very weight loss exciting.  I've gone down from around 164 last weekend to 159 today.  I'm running every day (12 miles so far this week), staying active throughout the day, and dieting like a champ.  And I'm losing weight fast enough that you can see it.  Well, I can see it.  It's kind of awesome.  I no longer look 4 months pregnant, I just look like I have a regular old chubby belly.  It. is. awesome.

I took my measurements today.  I have "initial" measurements from when I weighed around 169-170,  (since I just couldn't get myself to take them when I was still up closer to 180).  So along with the last 10 pounds, I've also lost:

1 inch from each arm
1.5 inches from each thigh
1.5 inches from my hips
2 inches from my waist
and 2.5 inches from the saggy baby-pouch that used to be my lower abdomen.

Seriously, I'm feeling crazy incredible this week.  The feeling of actually seeing your body transform before your eyes is so stinking exhilarating, I almost feel bad for those sad sad people who have never had to struggle with their weight.

I said almost.

Anyway, gonna try to hit the sack a little early tonight!  I've got 3 more miles to do tomorrow morning, during which I can contemplate this bizarre thing that I have become.

Night y'all!

Oh, PS:  Today I want to say something that I've been waiting for, since it's officially true:  Good lord no, I have NO desire to lose 40 more pounds.  That would be unreasonable.  That would be insane!  I want to lose a mere THIRTY NINE pounds.  THAT would be healthy and normal.

And, I'm assuming here, super mega hot.

PS numero dos:  I'm not saying these things to brag.  People who get to brag about their bodies typically don't have saggy belly pouches.  I'm just trying to give a little insight into how flipping awesome this kind of positive-movementy type stuff feels.  Cuz it's pretty flipping awesome.

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