Monday, July 23, 2012

Come on Fatso and just bust a move!

A muggy morning 5k run this morning helped propel me toward my new weight loss low since Baby 2!  After bumping back and forth between 163 and 166 this past couple of weeks, I plummeted through and hit 161!

As far as unlocked achievements go, today I am the same weight I was when:
1) I graduated from high school
2) I saw my husband's family over Thanksgiving of 2010.  This is the lowest weight his siblings have seen me since my wedding day.
3) I started dating my husband (like I keep saying, THIS is what he signed on for.  Everything down from here is gravy.)

::This is where I pause to booty dance around my living room::

The run was really slow, which has been a big theme of my runs lately, and my back ached from all the hours of yard work I got done this weekend, but just the same, I got 'er done.  It was cloudy and not too  terribly hot and it felt awesome.

But moving on.

I've been thinking about something the past couple of weeks.  I used to get Fitness Magazine, and I lived to read the weight loss success stories scattered throughout those pages.  I loved reading about the tricks they used to kick the weight issue, and loved seeing the before and after pictures and numbers.  Other peoples success is almost as much fun, almost as encouraging, as my own success.  At the same time though, I remember reading the extremeness of their stories (When I really felt the need to indulge on some sweets, I'd eat a piece of fruit, which is TOTALLY just as satisfying as a mixing bowl sized serving of ice cream!!) and thinking, yeah... I want to lose weight, but I'm not going to go that crazy.  I'm just not that kind of person.

Hey, guess what:  THAT IS WHY I AM OVERWEIGHT.

I've worked with and known dozens of drug and alcohol addicts in my life.  Before they're ready to really give up the ghost and go sober, they'll talk a lot about "cutting back a little".  Every time I heard that, I'd sigh inside.  I knew that it meant they weren't ready yet, that they'd continue to struggle and suffer until they finally made the choice to get serious about it.

I've realized it's exactly the same with weight loss.  Until I take my diet seriously, every day, and week, and month, and year, until I commit myself to regular exercise, I will continue to weigh more than I want to weigh.

As of today, I am officially 6 pounds overweight.  I have a goal to lose 40 pounds.

The question is this:  Do I want to lose 40 pounds more than I want to eat?

Today, right now, the answer is yes.   ... But we'll see about tomorrow.

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