Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My stomach hurts, and... yay?

It seems that my stomach achiness, why ever it may exist, might actually be some sort of life affirming blessing thing.  Cuz I'm gonna be honest here, my stomachache is the single greatest diet assist I have ever had.

I can't eat red meat.  Or cheese, or other milk stuff.  I can't have anything fatty, or fried, and I'm nervous about excessively sugary things.  I'm afraid of getting stomachaches, and that makes me afraid to eat.

Solution?  Well, not eating.

Okay, that's not toootally true.  Here's today's menu:

Slim Fast Meal Bar

Carrots and Hummus

At some point I had a little more coffee.

Baked Chicken and BBQ Sauce
Small Baked Potato with Light Sour Cream
Wilted Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

Seriously?  Who eats like this?!?  Besides crazy annoying health nut jerks who I would typically choose to not be friends with, I mean.  Even on a diet, this seems ridiculously healthy to me.  And this is how I eat EVER SINGLE DAY.  Of course, tomorrow I'll get to change things up with things like broccoli, white rice, and if I'm lucky, A PEACH.  Look at me, going all crazy.

Yesterday things got a little hairy when I stuck my nose into Shane and Madelyn's In-n-Out bag and tried to inhale a Double Double through my left nostril.  That little smell-gasm will very likely be the most delicious meal of my week. It. Was. AWESOME.

But yeah, I'm losing weight.  158.5 today.  And not because I have the willpower to lose weight, (I would have eaten that tasty tasty burger yesterday without a second thought.  Maybe without breathing between bites.) but because I have the willpower to avoid painful stomach cramps.  So I eat whole foods, and healthy foods, and I keep the pain at bay, and I lose more weight.

Oh, right.  To top it off, besides some "it hurts to put any weight on my right foot" back pain, I am REALLY ENJOYING MY 3 MILE MORNING RUNS.  I've run 8 of the last 9 days since I'm taking off on Sundays, and it's this weirdly nice part of my day.  I'm actually looking forward tomorrow, so long as I can get my back iced and stretched enough to move in the morning.  

Even though I'm pretty sure I still look a remarkably similar to this guy:

I gotta tell ya, I don't even recognize my own life these days.  And if you think I've become some kind of crazy annoying health nut jerk, and you don't want to be my friend anymore, I totally understand.

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