Monday, July 30, 2012

I am a big fat liar.

Actually, I'm a nearly respectable 4-pounds-overweight liar, thank you very much.  Yeah... that doesn't make it better.  Cuz I'm still a liar.

For years now, actually 6 years now, I've been lying about 1 thing to 1 person.  Or, item.  I have been lying about how fat I am.

To my bathroom scale.

I know this seems wrong, maybe even impossible, without somehow screwing with the scale's brain mechanism, but I didn't do that.  And I'm not actually lying about my weight, beause the scale knows that.  Instead, I'm lying about my height.

My scale things I am 5'7".  I'm not.  I'm 5'6", on the dot.  It uses my height along with my weight to calculate my BMI score.  It was a mean trick to play on it, I know.  I'm not proud.  I lied to the scale so that it would lie back to me and tell me that I'm skinny.

Yeah.  How pathetic am I?

I say this, because today I saved a weigh in of 159.0, and my scale let me know that I was "healthy weight".  It looked so proud.  I just didn't have the heart to tell my scale that it was wrong, and that I've got to lose a good 4 more pounds before that fact will be true.

Some people say that lying is worthless, because the truth will always win out in the end.  All I can say is that the scale's compliment this morning, its "welcome to healthy weight status", felt cold and dry.  Because I know.  Even if my naive, trusting scale doesn't.

I know.

Whew, glad I got that off my chest.  Now a bright point:  I'VE LOST A HALF MARATHON!!!  Since the lose a marathon challenge started 6 weeks ago, I've made it half way there!  So from today, 7 weeks left, 13 pounds left, and I'm feeling like I might just be able to do it.  Which is freaking amazing.  At this stage in the game, the idea of averaging 2 pounds a week weight loss for 13 straight weeks seemed highly un-possible.  But so far, well... no jinksing it.

Happy day, y'all!  Go and enjoy yourself some Olympics if you need a little motivation.  Even watching this stuff is crazy exhausting.

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