On my way to losing a marathon!

Monday, March 7, 2011

40 days of hard-ness.

I've made a decision this morning, which will probably on its own become the most difficult aspect of my journey so far. I've decided to give up my trigger foods for lent. So from today (2 days before Ash Wednesday, I know I know) until the day BEFORE Easter, there will be no: Cookies. Brownies. Chips. Candy. Ice Cream (though this one I don't eat anymore anyway, I'm just not going to give myself an out). Cake. Or cupcakes. Pie.

I think that about covers it. I realize many of you may think I'm over spiritualizing weight loss here, or under spiritualizing a sacred event. I've thought about it, I've prayed about it, and I disagree on both counts. This past 7 months has always been more about my relationship with God than anything else. I'm also giving up something unnecessary that at times, I can value more than my health, my weight, and in some ways, my relationship with God. And shoot for me, there's not much more I could do to suffer with Christ. :-)

So this is another accountability post, get ready for a blog-load of whining in the next few days as my super-ultra pouty self comes out to play!


  1. Ashley, this is great! You really motivate me! I am also giving up all that junk food, plus soda for lent. It's something that I give up almost every year, and I always feel great at the end of it, makes me wonder why I always go back to it! Keep up the good work <3


  2. Hey Michelle! Glad to hear this was motivating for you, honestly, blogging keeps me so much more accountable, because I feel like "people will KNOW" if I don't keep up with it. Good luck with all of your sacrifices this month!! And seriously, what about that junk makes it so good we eat it even when we know it makes us feel awful?!? Crazy humanity ;-)


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