Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm obsessed. It's definitely not okay.

People who know me, specifically those who have spent any significant time living with me for any length of time, are probably already aware of the fact that I have a sick habit of fixating. On, well, most anything. Typically this doesn't cause me too many problems, in fact, on the bright side, it can mean I have a weirdly good memory about certain things. Of course, if you spent hoursandhoursandhours processing every detail of a certain event, your memory would seem good too. I don't live my life. I study it. I analyze it. I break it down and tear it to pieces to find meaning and purpose in the most mundane of interactions. HOnestly, I think this habit is a little bit "female", and a lot-bit sick.

Lately, I've introduced a number of new potential fixation points into my life. My running distance. And speed. Our budget. How many people have viewed this blog. And of course, the big kahuna (HA!): my weight. Specifically, that last one. I'm not just checking my weight every day. I'm checking it like, 100 times a day. Morning. Later in the morning. Before working out. After working out. Before dinner. Before bed. Because apparently, it just wouldn't be alright for me to fixate at a normal level. I do fixating like a champ. Like a creepy, obsessed, champ.

So no more. I'm cutting 2 things out of my daily life: No more daily weigh ins, (once a week should be just fine) and no more checking blogger stats. I didn't start this thing to become super duper popular. I did it as accountability for myself, encouragement for others, and, hopefully, entertainment for someone. It's quite possible that giving up these two things will be more difficult than giving up sweets has been, but my mind really needs a little freeing, and my husband needs to hear me talk about something BESIDES my weight for once.

There you have it folks, my next step on the road to self improvement. I'll probably tell y'all what I'm weighing again, once I actually have that information. (I'm thinking Friday mornings, so we'll see how that goes) Hopefully those things you hear about boiling pots are true, and I'll get to see some scale movement by Friday! In the mean time, Happy Tuesday everyone!

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