Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heeeeeck yeah baby!!

Day 1 of the sweets-fast complete. This morning's weigh in: 153.8. For those of you who HAVEN'T been keeping a running total of my weight (geez, what's wrong with you guys??) That means a total of 37.2 pounds lost, and my new weight loss low! Seriously, this 40 days of hard-ness may not be as difficult as originally anticipated.

In celebration, I read the "self disclosure" post from November. It was really kind of neat to read through that story and remember what it felt like, being around 190 and thinking there was no hope for me. That experience is still so fresh for me, I still tend to feel envious of people weighing in the 160s or 170s. I completely forget that I weigh less than that now!

Another thing I noticed from that blog was that, from my weight at that time (164) I wanted to lose an additional 20-30 pounds. If you'd ask me what I want to lose now, I'd say, another 20-30 pounds. If you're curious, NO, that goal will not last until infinity. I know my healthy weight range is 118 to 155, and my goal is to be circa 130. The reason my goal gets lower as my weight gets lower though, is that my confidence gets bigger. When I started this, going from 191 to the 150s sounded like a huge and possibly insurmountable goal. Now that it's happened, getting back into the 120s or 130s seems completely achievable. Basically, I'm now in a wonderful and terrible place: I'm much happier where I am, but I still know that I can do much better.

I've got a couple of exciting goals coming up in the next few pounds, and they are as follows: At 151, I will have lost a total of 40 pounds. At 149, I will be lower than my wedding weight (of 150) and officially the skinniest wife I've ever been. I will also be closer to 100 than 200. Not sure if I've said that before, but that is a really big deal to me.

So there ya go, happy day today! Hope you're all having an awesome time, punching your personal goals in the proverbial faces!

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