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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vacation Dayz- Cuz itz alwayz cooler with a zzzzzzzz

Thanks to my awesome cousin Tawnya, a wife, mother of 2, esthetician, and occasional blogger at nomorequitemornings.blogspot.com (there's your plug m' dear, now go write some more!), it seems our anniversary-stravaganza plans are falling into place. Looks like we'll be heading to a gorgeous little B&B on the Central Coast.

To sweeten the deal even more, we've discovered that our hotel is less than 20 miles away from, the famed, the incredible: Bigfoot Discovery Museum. That's right. No better way to top off our romantic anniversary trip than blurry snap shots and conspiracy tales given by toothless hillbillies. I. Am. In. Husband has enthusiastically agreed to this, and with that, the itinerary begins to take shape. One teaser display from the Bigfoot Museum? Training in spotting the difference between a REAL bigfood and a guy in a bigfoot costume. One tell-tale sign: Small buttocks. "Mr. Bigfoot, would you please turn around, I need to check out your badonkadonk. You know. For science."

Just in case any of you are wondering about the how tos and where fors of spotting a bigfoot, here ya go:

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