Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's the eye of the tiger it's the thrill of the fight...

Whew.  Just got home, and showered and dressed.  I did not run 10 miles this morning.  I ran 11.2.  That's right.  3.2 miles ON TOP OF my best run so far.  About 3-4 miles in, I felt something sharp sticking in to my second to big toe, so right about mile 5 I decided to stop and pull it out.  (so yes, I stopped for less than 1 minute in the middle of this run.  I still think my run counts.)  But when I get my shoe off I realize it's not a sharp thing.  It's a blister.  And it hurts.  So for about 8 miles of the run, I ran while twisting and curling my toes to try to find a position where it didn't feel like my foot was on fire.

Anyway, this now makes it official:  I am now signing up to run a 1/2 marathon!  The run is for the morning of April 30th, and will take place at Mooney Grove Park.  Apparently it's a flat and relatively easy run, so not too bad for my first race :-)  I may VERY well be the last person to finish, by like, an hour, but that's fine with me.  I'm not running against them, I'm running against me.  So one month from today, and here goes nothin!

And real quick, I wanna talk about running as a method of exercise.  It's incredible.  It's seriously the best thing I've ever done.  Here's a bunch a reasons:

1) It's a separate but complementary goal.  I'm not running to lose weight, I'm running to get good at running.  Weight loss becomes the gravy, not the only goal in your life.
2) It's an awesome all over work out.  You burn a ton of calories, and can feel it EVERYwhere.  I get done and my legs, butt, abs, and even my arms are sore, which means they've all been working for 2 hours.
3) 2 HOURS!  I get bored with exercise, but when I run, I tune into one of my favorite podcasts (for my absolute favorites, check out Pillagecast, Grace EV free sermons, and Dave Ramsey's daily podcasts) and hit the road.  I get to listen to interesting stuff, let my mind wander off, and watch the scenery change as I go.  2 hours go by without me noticing.
4) My gym is my neighborhood.  Membership is free.
5) YOU FEEL AWESOME ABOUT YOURSELF.  There's something about running that is more freeing and more empowering than any other work out. Plus, "I just ran a 5k" means more to your average friend or family member than, "I just did a Tae Bo video".  Sorry Billy Blanks. Didn't mean to pick on you.
6)  Just weighed in when I got home. 147.2.  Going for an intense run works the body and keeps bumping me down past any plateau I'm having trouble with.

So sorry for gushing so much, but I can't help it. I'm in love :-)

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  1. Brando (our dog) and I started a running program 10 weeks ago (a 12 week, very realistic program that started out really easy, where the goal is 30 minutes of continuous running). We've since veered off the program, onto my own version. Still not anywhere close to running a half marathon. But, every run puts us at another best ever for longest run without stopping. I've never really lost weight in my life, aside from the time I had the flu and lost 7 pounds in one night. This is the only time I've ever lost a little weight and been successful at keeping it off. And, I now feel so good that whether I like to run or not, I'm addicted! But, it's not just about the weight, it's more about feeling healthy again!

    I don't have an iPod, so I just have my mind to entertain me (the first few weeks all that consumed my thoughts, "I hate running. I hate running..."), but that's OK.

    Anyways, just wanted to say, I hear ya. And, great job on the 11.2 miles!!!



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