Friday, March 18, 2011

That's it. I quit.

So I exhibited the exact amount of self control I had set out to. I refused to step on the scale all week, "waiting till Friday", as I had set out to. But apparently that's the ONLY self control I exhibited, because I weighed in at 152.8. Might as well be 5 million. That's probably not true. I don't want to weigh a million. But a week ago, I got myself down to 150.8, and was really hoping to be another pound or two down. UUUUUUUUUUUghmgoshImsofatImsofatImsofat.

Eh hem.

Okay, so another unfortunate finding of the week: I've been intending to run my first 5k race in April. Now, I find out out that, as the race is the day before Easter, it semi-conflicts with our choir dress rehearsal that same morning. The race starts at 8, practice starts at 10. There's a good 25 minute drive between the two. I can't be responsible for giving our music director an aneurysm, so I will NOT be late to or miss practice. So as I see it, I'm left with the following 4 options:

1) Do the race, finish and rush home to change and go. It can possibly be done. I will NOT look good at the practice. Home is along the way, so maybe at least I don't need to smell so bad.

2) Forget this race, but instead go balls out and sign up for the half-marathon which is taking place 1 week later. Start training like a mega-fiend.

3) Skip the last spring runs, and keep training for Visalia's Fall running series. Hope to not fall down dead during summertime runs.

4) Forget the running, accept life as a chubby lady. Take more naps.

Thoughts? What sounds the best to you all? I'm going to need boatloads of encouragement to do anything besides number 4, so if you have an opinion, shout it out!


  1. Door #1. Even if you run slower than normal (say an 11 minute mile), it would be about a 25 minute race. Since it's just a rehearsal, you don't have to look perfectly made up, so just showering in between might be enough. :) I think I pick this one overall, since you've made it a goal to run this race. I also say door #3 could be a good option. Or, just the next goal. After running in the summer, running in the fall may seem easy! And, don't be too discouraged about the weight gain (I know, almost impossible not to be). Just remember that there are so many other factors to the scale other than how much you worked out. I'm sorry if this seems like an easy ("get over it") answer to say, but it is true. Be disappointed, sulk for a few minutes, then get back to it. You're doing great. You've lost a lot of weight and you're healthy, no matter what the scale says about a couple of pounds.


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