Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ugh. Oh, and, yaaaay....

This morning I thought I had discovered something new, and was about to get my whole "running hangover" idea copyrighted when I realized, it's not from running. I'm just getting sick. Less cool, and definitely less copyrightable. So ugh.

Bright side though, what running DID give me was a new weigh-in low: 149.4! That's right kiddos, I am officially the lightest I have been in OVER 5 YEARS. I am the skinniest wife Shane has ever had (at least, that I'm aware of). I weigh closer to 100 than 200. Super-woot!

You may notice a lower number of exclamation marks than usual from me (In that normally I've got like a 50 mark minimum per post.) I'm not unexcited, just have lots of pressure on my head and face. I'm also quite certain that most days in the next week, I will NOT be under 150. There's been a real rocking back up against a bottom weight till you finally push through. And I'm not saying this to sound pessimistic, but just in the same way that having setbacks allows a person five minutes to wallow in frustratedness, meeting a benchmark allows five minutes of celebration. Either way, it's time to keep on, keepin on.

So woo hoo! I'm under 150, and over 40 pounds down from my high!

Hope you're all having a benchmark-meeting type'a day!

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