Friday, March 4, 2011

Extreme makeover, blog edition!

Anyone who's checked this blog in the past day or two may have noticed the hyper-changey nature of things. While on one hand I'm not so interested in switching things up, (I feel like sameness makes you comfortable), it's also time to come to an admission. I never, ever freaking talk about knitting on this thing. Somewhere between starting this blog and writing my first 3 posts I realized something. I don't want to talk about knitting, and I don't think you want to read about it. Apparently, while I enjoy working with yarn, I don't that I look forward to talking about my wicked sweet purling skills at the end of the day.

Instead, this blog has veered off spinning-yarn road and careened down weight-loss alley... or some more clever metaphor. I'm not UNhappy with this, I feel like the blog has been my own accountability, and on other days, a nice venue for whining, and I know that it has been an encouraging for others of you traveling down this road... alley.... metaphor. So, while I intend to keep my chub-blogging, I can't really keep the old blog name and stylings. There ya have it then, time for an extreeeeeeeme MAKEOVER!!!

So first, I'm sorry if this place is a chaotic mess here for a while. The blog is an adolescent girl, just blossoming into her womanhood. Sorry if that means she's got a crooked rack for a while. It happens to the best of us.

Second: I want help. We need a new name for this weight loss journey blog. Ideas? Suggestions? Here's my mental spitball to get your suggestions rolling: Finding my Feet. Scales are for Sucks. Achieving Awesome, and a super nice tush. The Chubby Blog. Yeah, I don't know. Obviously I need some assistance. Suggestions. Guidance. Life-counseling. Shoot, whatever I can, I'll take!

So go for it, faithful readers! Spit your creative juices all over me! What name can we come up with this weekend that will, say, make this blog entirely irresistible to all potential readers? No pressure. Go.

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