Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best. Week. Ever.

Sunday morning, I weighed in high. Definitely worse than it had been, somewhere in the upper 150's. I realized I was headed in a bad direction, even though I'd been working out okay, my diet was including a lot more cookies, brownies, and chips in it than ANYone's diet should include. So I made a Monday morning commitment to give it all up, to set aside my favorites and just deal with the cravings. Because food is fuel, not something to sacrifice yourself too, right?

Well it seems this was one of my top 5 decisions ever, (Christ, husband, baby, college, and then this one, but not NECESSARILY in that order), because now I've lost like, a buncha weight. This morning's weigh in: 151.6 Husband's weigh in this morning? 152.2.

You read that right. For the first time IN OUR MARRIED LIVES, I can actually (at least, technically) say, that I weigh LESS than my husband. ::Sounds trumpet, throws confetti, and dances a traditional Irish jig around the living room:: I am NO LONGER "that skinny guy's chubby wife" (no, I've never heard myself referred to like that, except in my head. Every day. For 4 years.)

So there you have it. Wikid party happening at the Miller house today. Oh, and husband-man, if you're reading this, just as a heads up I'm going to be requiring a LOT more piggy back rides now. HEE YA!

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