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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Traded Obsessions

Wow, that sounds like something which would share the cover of a dime store novel with a half naked Fabio. I find that disturbing. Or not... trashy novels do get LOTS of readers...

Anyway, as I've been complaining lately, I've given up some choice obsessions of mine lately. But instead of simply moving on from my obsessing, it seems I've simply redirected my attentions. The new victim of all of my attentions: 5th anniversary planning. We have a gift card that would really take the edge off of a 3 day trip to a bed and breakfast somewhere. But should we go away? Should we stay home and use our anniversary fund toward nice dinners and loads of activities? Somewhere out there is the perfect mix of low price, nice accommodations, and funtivities that will result in the optimal anniversary experience. There has to be. It's science. Or... something.

Now, this is not to say I'm personally difficult to satisfy. When I think about making a vacation out of staying home, I'm incredibly excited. When I think about getting out of town for a few days, I'm incredibly excited. So it's not about good. It's not even about great. It's about best. No, let's be honest. It's about obsession. It's about my crazy.

If there's an up side to this, it's that one way or another, whether we're in Visalia or Santa Barbara or Carmel, we are GOING to have an awesome time. Our first time doing anything like this in 2 years is going to be awesome sauce.

Of course, the down side is that I'll get very little else accomplished today. Or probably tomorrow. And I still reallyreally want to go weigh myself. Ugh. On that topic, here's hoping that this week has paid off, because honestly, if I weigh in under 150, I may do a backflip and scream and cheer and wake the neighborhood with me celebrationing. And if I weigh in over 150, I may sink into the deepest depths of despair from whence there is no return, no joy, and no hope. Why do I think that it'll moooost likely be the latter? Or that, in defiance of my overly emotional responses, will be EXACTLY 150? Just for the record, exactly 150 counts more like over 150. I want to see the middle number be a 4. Which means it's time to work out now, bye bye!

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