Monday, March 21, 2011

8 miles. Eat that Eminem.

Some more awesomeness about running: You can get better without feeling like you're working harder. It seems these days that EVEN WHEN NOT INTENDING IT, I run a little faster every time I go. This means that during my 8 mile run today (pretty stinking excited about saying that, I might have to tell you a few more times) I also ran my fastest single mile, in 10 minutes and 1 second. My big goal had been to run a 5k on April 23rd, and to do so in under 30 minutes, which means an average pace of probably 9min 50sec per mile. Ish. I don't feel like doing math.

But today, I ran 8 miles. Had you heard? Yep. I ran 8 miles. So I'm thinking of a new goal. On April 30, I may want to try and run a half marathon. 13 miles. I have a month to train and add 5 more miles to my best run. Doable? I may be deluded, but I seriously think it may be. Heck, I've gone from a 3 mile best to an 8 mile best in the past month, so why not?

I know this was not one of the recommendations I was given by you, my dear and faithful readers, and to some degree, that makes it all the more appealing. Like, you're all gettin up in my grill, sayin "Nooo Ashley! It can't be done! Stay home!!!" And for all of you up in my grill, well, I wanna shove it in your faces. I want to get super aggressive and TOTALLY show you up. Yeeees, I know none of you are ACTUALLY trying to punk me out on this one. But let's pretend. It helps me get motivated.

So there you have it. Mostly I just wanted to find another way to tell people that I ran 8 miles. Oh, I'm sorry, did I forget to mention that I ran 8 miles? Yep. That. just. happened. And hey, it's my blog. I can blather on about whatever I want. HA.

Chubby Girl out.

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